Title(s) Yahweh
Holy Spirit
Species Deity
Status Existant
Gender Male
Occupation Creator
Affiliation: Heaven

God is an all powerful supernatural entity, which is made up of three seperate beings. He is made up of Yahweh, Jesus, and the Spirit. Each being is equally God, but they are seperate persons, and each have their own role. They are respectfully known as The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

The Trinity of GodEdit

There are three parts to God, Yahweh, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.


Yahweh is a member of the Trinity of God, and is respectfully known as God the Father. Through his son, Jesus, Yahweh created the entire universe, and everything it contains.


Jesus is a member of the Trinity of God, and is respectfully known as God the Son. Through the words of his father, Yahweh, he created the entire universe. When his creation fell, he became a human, and sacrificed himself so that his creation should be redeemed.

The Holy SpiritEdit

The Holy spirit is a member of the Trinity of God. After Jesus ascended into Heaven, Yahweh sent the Holy Spirit to earth to help guide christians, and soften the hearts of non-christians. The Holy Spirit often takes the form of a dove.

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