Angels 5
Title(s) Morning Stars
Sons of God
Location Heaven
Status Existent
Occupation Messengers
Affiliation: Heaven

Angels are beings that were created to serve God. There are different kind of angels that have different assigned tasks. Before the creation of mankind, a third of the Angels, including Lucifer, fell from Heaven, and became demons.

Types of AngelsEdit


Seraphim are angels that reside in Heaven, and were created to worship and glorify God. They have eyes all over their bodies, and a total of six wings. Two wings covered their feet, two covered their eyes (from the light of God), andthey use two to fly.


Cherubim are angels that typically reside on Earth, and were created to protect people/things. They have four wings to fly with, and four faces; the face of a human, the face of a lion, the face of an ox, and the face of an eagle.


Archangels are warrior Angels, and fight against the rebellious Angels that fell with Lucifer, also known as demons. The only confirmed archangel is Michael.

Messenger AngelsEdit

Common Angels are spirits that deliver messages to and from God. Throughout the Bible, they have spread special messages to important people. The most well known angel is Gabriel.


Somepoint after the creation of Angels, the cherub Lucifer decided to try and overthrow God. A third of the Angelic host joined him, and when he failed, they were all cast down to Earth. These spirits are now called demons. Out of anger towards God, demons do their best to torture and and damn human souls, as they were created in the image of God.